Fun in the Sun: Summer 2012

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By Connor Abbott ’14

Slept through summer? Here’s what you missed.

Lucas Chan and Kailen Santos with friends at Outside Lands Festival - Photo Credit: Lucas Chan

Lucas Chan and Kailen Santos with friends at Outside Lands Festival - Photo Credit: Lucas Chan

Summer Vacation is always a welcome fun to the High School student; we have little responsibility, and our days usually start at noon and consist of doing absolutely nothing productive with our friends. Despite the general laziness of summer activities, her are some of the of highlights of our three-month break from school.

Firstly, the Giants are having a great season. Those lucky enough to go to some games (I was able to go to 4 over the summer) got to see the likes of Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey light up AT&T Park in pursuit of the NL West Pennant. Although Melky Cabrrera’s fantastic season with the Giants was scarred by his steroid use, Matt Cain’s perfect game highlighted a season and possibly even a legacy left by the franchise. With the regular season starting to wind down, I would suggest going to see a game if you haven’t already.

Outside Lands are always a fun couple of days towards the end of summer. Famous artists come through San Francisco, much to the delight of hippies and teenagers alike. This year we saw the like of Metallica, Stevie Wonder, and Neil Young came through Golden Gate Park for this year’s concert series. “Definitely more crowded than last year but there were many more things to do and artists to see than the year before,” said Luke Chan, who regularly attends Outside Lands.

Although Summer Vacation is mostly time spent sitting around doing nothing, occasionally something happens worth getting out of bed for. These summer highlights helped get most people outside, and if you didn’t attend these events this year, make sure you don’t miss them summer 2013.