Student Council Store

Virgil McCorgray ‘16 works The Student Council Store (Photo Credit: Matthew Jung '16)
Virgil McCorgray ‘16 works The Student Council Store (Photo Credit: Matthew Jung '16)

By: Matt Jung ’16

Why The Switch?

For the past several years at Stuart Hall High School, vending machines have always been a big part of student life. Whether it be grabbing some Mike and Ikes for a pre-class snack, or getting some ramen for lunch all students frequently used the vending machines. This year, however; we made a switch to the Student Council Store. Mr. Roos led the switch to bring healthier food to students and to give student council members more leadership experience. When asked about the switch, Mr. Roos responded, “The primary motives for the switch were the health of the students; high doses of fructose are poisonous to humans and the academics of the students; it’s easier to focus in class when you’re body isn’t going through the ups and downs of a sugar rush and sugar crash.  Secondary motives included opportunities for student council to gain experience in running a business operation and provide a means for Conge fundraising.

At the Student Council Store, you can pick up healthier, alternative choices such as nuts, chips, seaweed, low sugar organic peanut butter cups, trail-mix, and beef jerky, and other snacks that are still great tasting. While the FDA refuses to publish a recommended daily intake of sugar, researchers are suggesting that we keep our sugar intake under 15 grams/day.  The average adolescent consumes 73 grams of sugar/day, and I’d like to help the students and teachers move in a direction of health rather than ill-health.  Sugar is also an addictive substance, and the first step in curtailing an addiction is to remove that substance from the environment.” Mr. Roos explained. The Student Council Store is run by Student Council members and is open during lunch and passing periods.