Leaders build community virtually

By Henry Murray, Sports Editor

With classes continuing virtually due to the current closure of high schools by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, student government is working to build community during times of separation by leading the first all-school virtual social event on
Aug. 28.
“Our goal was to create a platform for our student body to have fun,” Vice President Noah Cross said about the “Community Reunite” event. “We especially wanted the freshmen to get to know each other, as we know how difficult it is for them to socialize right now.”
Although the year began with Student Council only having four members in its four executive positions, community representative elections took place Sept. 18.
New members of student government include Arts Rep David Louie-Grover, Athletics Rep Bo Darwin, Equity and Inclusion Rep Eric Lee, LIFE Rep Owen Akel and Spirit Rep Zeke Noveshen.
“The community representatives are really helpful to address specific community needs,” Student Body President Mattheus Tellini said. “Having them run individual assemblies, events or other student council-led activities is really important for strengthening community.”
Last year’s upperclassmen expressed concerns about losing the sense of Stuart Hall tradition by distributing “Stay True to Our Roots” stickers. This year’s executive committee looks towards carrying on that
“Maintaining brotherhood through our school’s traditions means everything at Stuart Hall,” Tellini said. “Whether you’re a freshman learning from the guys above you or a senior enjoying your last year in the community, making sure we have each other’s backs and strengthening our brotherhood is what defines our community.”