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The Roundtable


The Roundtable encourages all students to submit articles, editorials, creative writing, cartoons, and artwork to the paper. For the most part, submissions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If, however, you want to submit a political op-ed or a Letter to the Editors, you must work within the framework of these two policies. Corrections must be submitted in the format described as well.

Political Op-Eds
In keeping with its motto, “a forum for students,” The Roundtable encourages the submission of political op-eds. However, as these can be of a sensitive nature, we try to present different points of view to our readers. Thus, whenever possible, we try to publish multiple pieces outlining different opinions on the issues we cover. Because making decisions about appropriate ways to publish controversial pieces is highly subjective, the editors and moderator will make such decisions on a case-by-case basis. We do not publish editorials anonymously, and all op-eds will carry a disclaimer explaining that the views of the author do not necessarily represent the views of The Roundtable or Stuart Hall High School .

Letters to the Editors
Letters to the Editors will be accepted if they are received in a timely manner. Please keep all submissions to 200 words or fewer. The staff of The Roundtable reserves the right to edit any letter for grammar, clarity or length. No anonymous letters will be published.

The Roundtable goes to great lengths to ensure that all material is accurate, timely, and factual. However, errors sometimes occur. If you notice a factual mistake, please send an e-mail to with “Reader Discovers Error!” in the subject line.

All submissions can be made to

*Please note that, although we do not accept anonymous material, we do reserve the right to withhold the name of a published piece’s author.