The official newspaper of Stuart Hall High School

The Roundtable

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement
The Roundtable, Stuart Hall High School’s student newspaper, provides students the opportunity to explore and learn about journalism, business, art, and leadership while providing a valued service and forum for the school community in keeping with the Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education.

Living the Goals of the Sacred Heart
Like all programs at Stuart Hall, The Roundtable tries to live the Five Goals of the Sacred Heart in all that it does. In accordance with the Society of the Sacred Heart’s assertion that “values taken for granted or left unarticulated become inoperative,” we’ve written out how we do that:

A personal and active faith in God
We encourage dialogue and the submission of editorials on faith, living up to the idea that “a faith unchallenged is no faith at all.”

A deep respect for intellectual values
By volunteering to be a part ofThe Roundtable, you have committed values like hard work, ethical reporting, and a respect for the academic and creative skills publications require. We strive to be a forum for intellectual debate for the Stuart Hall community.

A social awareness which impels to action
Through the publication of editorials and articles on school service programs, we increase awareness of society’s many issues.

The building of community as a Christian value
By reporting on the activities and events at the school, we help foster community through greater common awareness of the things to which people are devoting time, energy, and effort.

Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
The degree to which The Roundtable is a purely student run activity is unique. We are responsible for the quality of our work and for our mistakes, which means each member of the newspaper must work hard to ensure we put out the best paper possible.