The Roundtable

Senior Cole Slater and junior Trieu Tran wait for the school shuttle next to a Jump scooter parked in front of the Pine/Octavia campus. Electric scooter-sharing systems like Jump, Skip, Spin and Lime brought thousands of new scooter units to San Francisco after securing city permits in 2019, but the rise in scooters is correlated with a rise in injuries.

E-scooter injuries rise among youth

February 14, 2020

With a rapid increase in the accessibility of rentable electric scooters in San Francisco, injuries are becoming more common, according to a study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco. “Every San Franciscan knows that about two years...

Students served lunch for free

By Will Burns, Reporter

September 5, 2019

The SAGE Dining program was included in school tuition for the first time this year. While many were enrolled in the lunch program last year, the change still affects a large amount of the student body. “I have mixed thoughts,” Wendell Laidley ‘22 said. “On the one hand, it is more convenient than going off-campus. But on the other hand, the food quality isn’t at the same level as what you c...