Best Lunch Spots Near SHHS

Photo Credit: Nick Hom '18Where are you eating?
By: Nick Hom ’18

Lunch at school can be pretty boring. There is usually monotonous pizza, sandwiches, and other repetitive entrees. However, there are other places around school that might please your palate better. Here is a list of places to find food around school:

1. Gourmet Carousel Restaurant

If you are looking for a generous amount of quality Chinese food, Gourmet Carousel Restaurant is the perfect place. Just two blocks away from SHHS, on Franklin Street, Carousel is easy to access, and it leaves you enough time to sit down and enjoy your food when you return to school. Student favorites are chicken chow mein, fried rice, and salt and pepper spare ribs. “I always get their chicken chow mein because it is amazing,” says freshman Gordon Smit, further highlighting Carousel’s popularity. Carousel is one of the best options with its proximity to the campus and semi-cheap food.

2. Walt’s Catering

With competitive prices and a convenient location near school, Walt’s food truck is an easy “go-to” spot for many students. A choice of corn dogs and pot stickers are perfect for lunch. The food tastes good, though it’s not anything special – standard Costco fare; Walt also sells candy, sodas and other drinks. Zander Angel-Souza ‘18 says, “The simplicity of Walt’s makes it easy and convenient to get lunch.” Walt’s is the best place to go for quick food with the cheapest prices one could find.

3. Tacobar

Located on the corner of Fillmore and California, Tacobar is a good place to pick up a burrito or taco. A freshman told me, “I usually get a carne asada burrito, which tastes awesome and is pretty hefty.” Tacobar is a bit more expensive than the other restaurants, with burritos starting at almost eight dollars, but it makes up for it with higher quality food. Tacobar is the most expensive option out of all that are listed here, but you get what you pay for.

4. Dino’s Pizza

Pizza by the slice is always a great option and it’s a lot better than the pizza here at school, in most students’ opinions. Dino’s Pizza can be found on the corner of California and Fillmore. Dino’s is one of the further options from school, but a slice of pizza is easy to eat on the go if needed and is what I usually get. If you choose, you can buy a small cheese pizza for nine dollars, but I usually buy a slice or two for three dollars apiece. Dino’s is a good option to look at when you are coming from Convent and are looking for a quick but not small meal.