Fall Conditioning

Preparation for Winter Sports
By: Nick Shkolnikov ’18

The fall conditioning program, organized by Mr. Woodard, started on September 15th. In order to maximize the amount of conditioning, Mr. Woodard asked JR Hubbard, the father of Jacob Hubbard ‘17, to help. This program was installed to get athletes ready for wrestling and basketball season by training them to become stronger and less prone to injuries during the season. Fall conditioning is on Mondays and Thursdays and starts at about 3:45 p.m., ending at about 5:20 p.m.
You might be wondering what happens in fall conditioning? Well, you’ll start with a light warm up to get your heart rate up. The group then starts getting into more intense exercises that work on upper body strength. You usually do a series of planks and different kinds of stretches for your core muscles. After completing that, you will begin a series of small workouts for a minute straight and take a 20 second break in between. Each time you have fall conditioning, the workout is harder and different. Over time, the workout course itself will become more tiring, as the routines you do will involve more steps every session. The workout itself will be very tiring but it’s a rewarding feeling when you complete it!
Having participated in fall conditioning, I can easily say that it is tough. I sweat streams of water, and my body is extraordinarily sore the next day. I can tell I have become stronger and in better shape. Joining this program will improve your conditioning and give you a leg up on many of your teammates. Not only does this workout help you build muscle, but you also get to watch Mr. Woodard sweat through two shirts! If you’re interested in the fall conditioning program, talk to Mr. Woodard in room 204. You won’t regret it!