It’s Far From Casual

3-on-3 Basketball Shows off The Hall’s Competitive Edge


Zach Avila

Jeremiah Sullivan ’17 sizes up Angel Padilla ’18 in a competitive intramural game this week.

By Harry Billings, Reporter

If you went down to the gym during lunch on Wednesday, September 23, you saw what many of The Hall’s students have been raving about for weeks. It was the first day of the schoolwide intramural basketball league. This league is a testament to just how much we love basketball at The Hall. Even when it’s not basketball season, we still find a way to get together and play. This idea was born in student council, by a student that knows how important it is for our student body to come together on a regular basis.

It is an oppurtunity to get upperclassmen together with underclassmen in a fun way.

— Omid Ravanfar

This league will be a great chance for the incoming freshmen to meet their brothers in the classes above them. This culture of brotherhood should be in full swing when these very competitive teams go at it during long lunches, over the coming weeks. Just walking around campus, you can hear the buzz about the matchups and strategy for the games to come. The intramural league is a great opportunity for non-basketball players to play in a competitive setting, and for freshmen to get an idea of whether or not they want to play. For an event that is not mandatory, the amount of students I saw in the gym last week and this week, was nothing if not impressive. All in all, that the atmosphere should be electric during long lunches in the gym.