A Funky Week

The Hall Goes All Out For Spirit Week


Ben Kaplan

Juniors pose for a photo during a themed, casual dress day, at the Hall.

By Jackson Rhodes, Reporter

In order to properly prepare for the fun activities Halloween had to offer, the student council created a week full of themed dress days. Each day of the week was given a name: Funky Shirt Monday, School Pride Tuesday, Jersey Wednesday, Career Day, and Halloween costumes for Friday. This week was a successful one, as many students came in  wearing fun and colorful outfits. In my opinion, I think Jersey Day was the most popular day as there are many sports fan at The Hall. It gave them an opportunity to rep their favorite team. Spirit week was a success; it was a week full of spooky costumes, school pride and general liveliness at the Hall.

Interviewing a couple students, I received nothing but positive comments about spirit week. Lucius Johnson ‘16 noted that the spirit week “was a fun time to experience Stuart Hall without the constraints of a uniform.” This is true, as we rarely have free dress days or themed free dress days for that matter. Spirit week gave students a chance to get funky with their clothing and fully express themselves without the limitations of the uniform. Chris Suarez ‘16 also agreed spirit week was a success: “spirit week was super fun and I think we should do more free dress days like it.” I agree, spirit week fostered lively energy at school, and the success of a week like this should not be taken for granted.  

This past Friday, the Halloween dance finished the week off on a high note. Over 200 people from both Convent and Stuart Gall attended it which was one of the best turnouts in years. Student council worked hard on making sure there was a plethora of activities to do. The courtyard offered scrumptious In-n-Out for the first 100 students to come, the back staircase was turned into a spooky haunted house, and the Columbus Room was converted to a dance party. The latter was DJed by yours truly, and might I say that it was quite a success. The students enjoyed the music and all danced in sync to songs like “Turn Down For What” and “Low.” Although these classic (and expected) songs were played, the students were also introduced to some new electronic music towards the end of the dance. Next to me in the DJ booth was Alex Palmer ‘16 who helped out with song selection and did some DJing himself. Since the dance, he has invested in some equipment because of the fun he had on Friday. This further cements the accomplishments of the good planning done by student council.
Spirit week offered students to get a little funky with what they wear, as well as being social with their classmates in a new way. The week helped promote community building through a fun activity. Student council worked their tails off planning for the dance last Friday, so be sure to thank them for their hard work.