Annual back-to-school night to take place

Teachers and parents benefit from event


Sartaj Rajpal

Mr. Campos teaches an ethics class. Campos is part of the theology faculty at Stuart Hall High School.

While the annual Back-to-School Night taking place tonight occurs mainly to inform parents, teachers say they greatly benefit from the event as well.

“We get to meet the parents of the students we spend so much time with, which allows us to get the full picture of a student and to start a relationship,” physics teacher Matthew Woodard said. “This whole education is a partnership, and so we’re meeting the other end of the partnership.”

Faculty say Back-to-School Night helps them gain a holistic view of a student. 

“I think it’s a really great opportunity for us to connect with parents so that we can figure out strategies to best support their children’s success,” theology faculty Michael Campos said. 

Teachers emphasize the importance of meeting a student’s parents. 

“We’re here because we want to help students and because we genuinely care,” physics teacher Riaz Abdulla said. “Getting to know our students by actually having face time with the parents is amazing. For me, it’s so great to put faces with names and to have some familiarity.”