Welcome, Ms. Fahey!

Article & Photo by: Michaele Andebrhan & Josh Wong, ’11

Andebrhan_FaheyWith Ms. Pollak taking a leave of absence to prepare for her second baby, Mr. Roos is leaving the seniors of World Literature to take on the Latin class. But no worries; Ms. Katie Fahey is here to the rescue. Ms. Katie Fahey was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She went to high school at Friends Academy, which is a Quaker school. Since the start, Ms. Fahey had an interest in creative writing, while also playing sports like field hockey, indoor track, and lacrosse. Then she attended Dartmouth College, where she majored in English, with an emphasis in creative writing, and she stuck with it.

After graduating in 2006, she switched interests, and through many connections, landed a job on Wall Street, working for Goldman Sachs. However, after six months, she quit and got a job in publishing because she didn’t like the boring desk job. She then left publishing because it didn’t allow her room for much creativity so she took up a writing class in a Manhattan university, and realized she missed the classroom setting and chance to help people with writing.

Ms Fahey then applied for graduate school at Columbia, and realized she really enjoyed teaching. After graduate school, Ms. Fahey landed her first teaching job at a Boarding school in New Hampshire that wasn’t much bigger than our community. “I love teaching freshman”, said Ms. Fahey when talking about her first job. She also had other responsibilities such as Dorm Duty, and coaching the freestyle ski team and varsity lacrosse. When asked how Stuart Hall compares to her former job, she said she really likes the sense of community, the small school, and the faculty room. And switching from the east coast to the west coast, Ms Fahey said she likes walking to work, the city life, not having to take public transit, and how “every weekend feels like a vacation.” We are glad Ms. Fahey chose the Hall to pursue her career as an English teacher, and offer her a warm welcome.