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Learning from our community

Learning from our community

April 11, 2018

Recent events at Convent & Stuart Hall high school have proven to the student body that strength comes in numbers, and it is not impossible to be heard when you have the support...

Dare to Risk

Dare to Risk

April 24, 2017

With Stuart Hall students making headlines for starting businesses and making music, it is not hard to see that the Hall is filled with passionate people with inventive minds....

A call for accessible options

By Editorial Staff, The Roundtable

March 2, 2017

Convent and Stuart Hall High Schools have grown closer over the past few years, offering more coed classes as well as some coed sports. Yet, with the cohesion between both student bodies, the same opportunities are not open to both Convent and Stuart Hall students. The Broadway Campus has food available for students through the Epicurean service at all times during the school day. From breakfa...

Just don’t do it

Just don’t do it

November 10, 2016

The next time you are on Muni, take a second to look out of your partially graffitied bus window and view the drivers in the cars next to you. There’s a high chance that many...

Is it cool to like community?

By Editorial Board

October 6, 2016

There was an obvious stigma around school dances during the 2014-2015 school year: They aren’t cool, and if you go, you aren’t either. This message, among others, led to the first dance of that year being a complete flop, with less than 50 people from the two high schools showing up. The small showing and mediocre night only further instilled the feeling that dances weren’t fun, they were a wast...