The Roundtable

Educators tackle promoting civil discourse

By Nik Chupkin, Web Editor

May 21, 2020

In a time of an increasingly polarized electorate, many teachers are taking on the challenge of presenting multiple viewpoints and promoting reasoned political discourse. “I’m always asking the kids to doubt,” history teacher Karen Fry said, “not only what they’re reading, but to doubt what I’m saying and come up with their own opinions and arguments.” Some students say they c...

Senior Marcus Williamson (number 391) competes at the CIF State Championship for cross country on Nov. 29. CIF was the last race for senior athletes, who will leave the team after graduating.

Knights end postseason strong

December 12, 2019

JV and varsity cross-country teams finished the season placing fourth and second respectively in the league championship on Nov. 8. Varsity runners continued on to the NCS Championship on Nov. 23 and CIF Championship on Nov. 30 in t...

Connor Moore gives a speech to his class during freshman elections on Monday. All other class elections took place last May.

Freshmen choose class reps

November 18, 2019

Freshmen met in the Carroll Learning Commons Nov. 18 to elect class representatives to Student Council. “It’s important to have a leader of each class so your ideas can get to the ...

Senior Maxi Tellini draws the Stuart Hall Knight on the concrete of the Columbus Room before the construction crew begins putting up drywall this week. Although the room will be open to the students mid-winter, the kitchen will not be completed until February.

Student leaders leave their mark

October 21, 2019

Two student leaders embodied this year’s theme of Heritage by marking the concrete of the Columbus Room with paint pen before the drywall was put up. Seniors Maxi Tellini...

Knights prepare for fall season

By Sartaj Rajpal, Senior Reporter

August 23, 2019

The Knights football and cross-country teams spent their summer practicing to prepare for the 2019 fall sports season. “We had optional workouts with Barclay [Spring] at the performance lab,” quarterback Max Banks ’21 said. “The team also had a few mandatory practices closer to the end of summer where instead of lifting weights, we actually played football.” Spring is also working with team membe...

Head Coach Michael Buckley intructs sprinter and jumper Nick Ong ’19 during the King's Academy Invitational track and field meet earlier this month.
Ong has emerged as one of The Hall's top athletes in his third year on the team and looks poised to be a contributor this year and next.

Track and field continues winning tradition

April 11, 2018

With three section championships, two consecutive conference championships and five league titles all coming in the last six years, track and field is set to have another successful...

Track and field is off and running

By Sartaj Rajpal, Reporter

February 8, 2018

With three section championships, two consecutive conference championships and five league titles all coming in the last six years, track and field is set to have another successful season, with many of the athletes returning. “We didn’t lose that many seniors, so I’m not concerned about that,” said head coach Michael Buckley. The team agrees they have what it takes to do well again this...

The EZ-bar curl.
Stand up straight while holding an EZ bar at the wide outer handle. The palms of your hands should be facing forward and slightly tilted inward due to the shape of the bar. Keep your elbows close to your torso. Curl the weight by contracting biceps and keeping your arms pinned to your side. When the bar reaches the top, pause for a second, then slowly uncurl the bar until you reach the starting position.
Works: Biceps

Winter conditioning begins

December 14, 2017

An after-school physical training program offers students chances to get in shape, build up muscle mass and prepare for spring sports, while not having to pay for a g...

Elijah Horowitz ’17 leads the pack during an event at the Sunset Invitational. Horowitz, a leader on the track and field team, has competed in events across California this year.

Horowitz, McDonald lead track and field

April 24, 2017

Track and field athletes are looking to improve their personal record times while bringing in another league title after losing to University High School last year in the North...

Eli Horowitz ’17 gets boxed in during a BCL West track meet last year. Horowitz looks to build on his strong
cross country season in which he won nine races and finished in the top 10 at NCS and the state championship.

Track and Field ramps up

February 17, 2017

The Convent & Stuart Hall track and field team just began practice last week, yet it has its eyes set on its fifth league title in six years. “I look forward to this upcoming...

Off-season athletes look to stay in shape

Off-season athletes look to stay in shape

December 19, 2016

Athletes are utilizing new equipment in the weight room during informal winter conditioning to stay in shape and prepare for spring sports. “It is an open program and is relatively...

Skylar Dela Cruz '19 starts the ascent up a hill at Golden Gate Park. The cross country team will compete next at the Castro Valley Invitational.

Cross-country looks to make state meet

October 11, 2016

Rejuvenated with new runners and guided by experienced captains, the cross-country team is breaking records as it moves into the the middle of its season and the Stanford Invitational...