Students served lunch for free

SAGE lunch services included in tuition

Alexander Nunez serves himself chicken noodle soup at the Convent cafeteria. SAGE Dining Services provides soup daily in addition to its main entree.

The SAGE Dining program was included in school tuition for the first time this year.

While many were enrolled in the lunch program last year, the change still affects a large amount of the student body.

“I have mixed thoughts,” Wendell Laidley ‘22 said. “On the one hand, it is more convenient than going off-campus. But on the other hand, the food quality isn’t at the same level as what you can get off campus.”

Laidley is one of many students who came from primarily getting food off-campus.

“It’s easier to pack,” Tom Chiu ‘20 said. “I don’t need to pack earlier, and I have more space in my bag.”

For students who brought lunch from home, the extra storage space can be used for sporting equipment or simply to lighten the weight of bags.

“It’s not gross and half the time it’s really good quality,” Isaiah Ryan ‘22 said. “One problem though is crowding, especially at Stuart Hall.”

Crowding at the Pine/Octavia campus is likely to be less of a problem in the future with the Columbus Room scheduled to be finished in November.