¡Pura vida!

Sophomores return from annual trip

By Owen Akel, Reporter

Sophomores spent seven days engaging in class bonding, service and recreational activities in Dominical, Costa Rica, Jan. 18-25.
“The snorkeling trip was definitely one of my favorite parts,” Bo Darwin said. “It doesn’t get much better than riding along the coast, with perfect weather and lots of fresh fruits.”
Trip organizers divided students into random groups to participate in daytime activities including horseback riding, visiting Nauyaca Falls, ziplining in Hacienda Baru and serving at three Costa Rican schools.
“Random groups made the whole experience better as it allowed me to talk to people I would normally not talk to,” Greg Kosmowski said.
Students were asked to refrain from bringing their phones on the trip.
“Not having my phone made me realize how much phones can detach [us] from what is happening around us,” Joe Shea said.
Students spent the day whitewater rafting and cleaning up a beach on Jan. 23 and drove back to San José on Jan. 24 to prepare for their flights the following morning. One of the two flights was delayed 25 hours and arrived in San Francisco on Jan. 26.
“I really liked the trip,” Darwin said. I thought the whole experience was great. It allowed me to get a lot closer with my classmates and converse with people without the distractions of phones around.”