The Roundtable

Will Burns, Will Yancey, James O’Leary, Toby Slater and Connor Caba paddle through a rapid with their guide. Sophomores descended to the river in a 30-minute shuttle ride before getting in rafts.

¡Pura vida!

February 14, 2020

Sophomores spent seven days engaging in class bonding, service and recreational activities in Dominical, Costa Rica, Jan. 18-25. “The snorkeling trip was definitely one of my favorite parts,” ...

Knights partake in team bonding

By Owen Akel, Reporter

August 29, 2019

Knights football players and parents gathered at Off the Grid in Presidio Picnic for dinner Aug. 29. Players left practice early, so they could drop off equipment and change before the event. “Going to Off the Grid was basically an experience for both the parents to meet each other and for players to bond,” Sophomore Bo Darwin said. Eight new freshman have joined the Knights football team. “It...