Conge at McInnis Park


Lori Saltveit

Robbie Vanderlan, Isabella Armstrong, Isabella Bowen, Zach Avila, and Rebecca Booth pose for a photo at McInis Park.

By Nick Hom, Layout Editor

Conge has been around Stuart Hall High School since its founding in 2000. Conge is celebrated throughout the network of the Sacred Heart, all over the globe. It is a day of fun, away from school activities. Conge has been traditionally planned by the highest grade level at the school, which for us has been the seniors. Each year, a small group of seniors have planned the special day, along with the faculty. Every student awaits the day when the morning announcements reveal the schedule laid out for Conge.

Last year, the school took a trip to Bladium in Alameda. The gigantic sports complex housed the entire student body, as they engaged themselves in the variety of activities offered. This year, speculations of when the day could occur started before the Spring break. When the morning announcements started to remind students to prepare for Conge, every morning was met with tingling expectation. But, as Spring break came and went, the expectations grew stronger and stronger. Every day, students threw out knowledge saying that knew when Conge was. Until finally, it came.

On Wednesday the 15th, the air horns blared in the courtyard as Conge was announced, and the school gathered in the Columbus Room. Everybody got changed into shorts and loaded on the buses towards the unannounced location. After the 30 minute bus ride, everybody finally arrived at McInnis Park in San Rafael. Awaiting us was a field full of large, human-sized, inflatable balls, jumpy houses, frisbees, balls, and much much more. Everybody, excited for the day ahead, lept off the bus towards the field. Along with the field, the school reserved the mini golf course and batting cages. Throughout the day, students ventured between the field and the golf course. Burritos were served for lunch, and ice cream was later offered. At 1:30, the members of the faculty rounded everybody back onto the buses, heading back to school. After the long day, almost everybody was tired and ready to go home. In the end, everybody had a great day and we are awaiting next year’s Conge with bated breath.