The Roundtable

Box office roundup

By Reagan Calaguas, Senior Editor, Media
December 29, 2023
Review: American Made

Review: American Made

By Gabe O'Brien, Reporter
November 7, 2017
Jaden Newman ’17 looks over the courtyard at Stuart Hall High School early on a  March morning. Newman has recently begun to release music online and is seeing increasing success.

Newman to Anthony

By Owen Fahy, Editor-in-Chief
April 24, 2017
Will Jaggers works with his Stuart Hall Boys students during a scheduled art class. Jaggers art will be featured in a campus art show that opens in the Syufy Gallery tomorrow night.

Art shows open tonight

By Anson Gordon-Creed, Senior Reporter
February 2, 2017
John Abbott ’18 rehearses a scene in the Syufy Theatre on Monday. “Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less” is a series of short plays focusing on being a 16 year old.

Fall play curtain raises on Thursday night

By Nicholas Hom, Associate Editor-in-Chief
November 10, 2016

Ocean makes waves

By Nicholas Everest, Editor
October 11, 2016
Evolution of Snapchat

Evolution of Snapchat

By Nick Everest, A&E Editor
April 22, 2016
The Life of Pablo

The Life of Pablo

By Nick Everest, A&E Editor
April 21, 2016
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