First dance of the year, Tonight

Carnival will take place at Stuart Hall from 6:30-8:30

Following last year’s successful Carnival, the Student Council executives are planning a similar event this Friday evening from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Little Theater and the Herbert Center gym.

“We’re expecting a great event for the Convent & Stuart Hall community,” Student Body president Michael Tellini ’17 said. “It’s always a great time as it provides a way for everyone to get together after summer, meet the new freshmen and enjoy the music and food. We’re looking to continue on our historic run of dance attendance started at this same dance last fall.”

This year’s theme is sports, replacing last year’s tiki bar and Hawaiian shirts with tailgating stands and jerseys. The volleyball nets will be back again and attendees will have a variety of activities to fill the evening.

Following the graduation of Stuart Hall High School’s in-house DJ, Jackson Rhodes ’16, Phoenix Aquino Thomas ’18 will be taking over the beats for the first time.

The Freshman Class is ambivalent on the subject of the dance. “I might go,” Frances McCorgray ’20 said. Other students did not seem to know that there was a dance. “Students can look forward to trying our tasty tailgating stand and dancing the night away,” Student Director of Activities Alex McDonald ’16, who is working behind the scenes to plan out the night, said.