Freshmen look poised for success

Class of 2021 spends first two days on campus before upperclassmen arrive


Elias Feldman

Convent & Stuart Hall freshmen gather in the Columbus Room for the first time as the Class of 2021. Freshmen engaged in mixer games to get to know each other with the help of Student Life Director Devin Demartini-Cooke.

While many students enjoyed one of their final days of summer vacation, incoming freshmen and other new students arrived on campus by 9 a.m. Thursday morning for Freshmen Success.
The annual program, led by Student Council in conjunction with Head of School Tony Farrell and Dean Reynolds Marquette, put on a variety of activities in an effort to acclimate the freshmen to the Stuart Hall community.

“The Freshmen Success program assists in making the freshmen feel welcome here at Stuart Hall,” Student Council moderator Austin Emerson said.

“The first activity of the day is a breakfast where all the freshmen get to meet each other and meet Student Council members who are running the event,” Sophomore Class Representative
Dennis O’Donnell said.

“The breakfast gave me a chance to see my whole class and meet classmates,” incoming freshmen Mattheus Tellini said.

Educational Innovation Coordinator Lori Saltveit gave a presentation on how to set up their laptops for school. Students also were taught how to use and organize their Google Drive accounts.

Saltveit, Marquette and Farrell also touched on expectations for digital conduct. They explained the ramifications of cheating using the internet, cyberbullying and obtaining sexual content on their computers.

The incoming students were given a chance to socialize midday as well. Student Council prepared a barbeque in the courtyard for the freshmen and encouraged them to continue meeting their new classmates.

Students also had a chance to hear President Ann Marie Krejcarek talk about this year’s theme for Convent & Stuart Hall, “We Belong to Each Other,” and the role it can play in the community of Stuart Hall High School.

“I think this year’s theme emphasizes how we as a community need to work together,” Andrew Dolan, who is joining the sophomore class, said. “I think that’s really important when it comes to learning in the classroom and being engaged in a community.”