School opens campus early

Freshman meet classmates, expierence community

By JJ Kim, Reporter

Despite a recent spike in coronavirus cases, the school was able to hold freshman success on August 12 and 13 so that freshmen could experience campus life with their entire class for the first time before formal classes started.

“I did sense a large power of excitement,” Greg Lobe, Senior Associate Director of High School Admissions, said. “A lot of that has to do with being in person. This is their first time they’re stepping on a school campus in about 18 months.”

The orientation was also a way for freshmen to rekindle their social lives, as most of them had been learning via Zoom. It was a way for them to get out of their comfort zones and to get their first taste of high school. 

“It was great,” freshman Terrance Louie said. “Everyone was super nice.”

The students participated in various activities, including games in the gym, and even got to go bowling with their new classmates. 13 Teachers were there to ensure the students were behaving properly and explaining what the freshman should expect during their time at Stuart Hall High School.

“Freshman Success was a very interesting event,” freshman Noad Yemme said. “The highlight of the entire thing was when we went bowling. Overall the experience was great.”

As the new freshman enter the school year,  Lobe also offers them a piece of advice in order for them to be successful and have fun during their first year of high school. 

“Get to know your teachers,” Lobe said. “There are a lot of interesting faculty members with unique backgrounds and fields of study.”