Homecoming hits the hall

By Alex Akel and Ryder Hsieh

“Decades Day,” dancing and a dynamite defeat defined this year’s Homecoming for Convent and Stuart Hall students.

The week began with ‘Adam Sandler Day,’ where we saw Mr. Farrell and many students attempting to pull off their best version of the Hollywood star, and ended with the Knights football team soundly defeating Upper Lake High School on Saturday at Kezar stadium. 

In between these must-see events, students dusted off their dress uniforms to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Dressed in their Sunday best, students came back from mass to attend the first pep rally for the school since 2019. The pep rally was attended by students in grades 6-12, who watched from the balconies of Stuart Hall, squeezing together to get a glimpse of the courtyard competition. Among the games played included “mummy wrapping,” a t-shirt relay and “find the gummy worm,” all won by different grades each time. 

“The pep rally was a great way to bring everyone together for a fun event, and to get students hyped for the big homecoming games,” freshman Luke Spaulding said. 

Friday featured the Convent High School homecoming volleyball game against Urban, which ended in a loss. But students were able to dance their blues away right after the game with the homecoming dance on Broadway featuring DJ tunes and a mosh pit. 

“The dance was a ton of fun and a great way for the freshmen to be apart of a school event,” said freshman David Leshchenko.

The Homecoming football game at Kezar Stadium on Saturday was attended by a large crowd of supporters from the Convent and Stuart Hall community, and showcased some thrilling moments such as a goal line stand and 4 touchdowns. The game ended with the Knights handily beating Upper Lake with a score of 32-16.

“Freshmen representing with 2 touchdowns was a highlight of the game,” sophomore player Geno Putt said.

“It felt great, and was a big day for us, since we did not have the best start of the season,” freshman Christian Rodriguez said. “Go Knights!”