The Roundtable

KONY 2012 goes Viral | Photo by Lori Saltviet

The Ambiguity of KONY 2012

April 5, 2012

by Kevin Wong '12 In early March, awareness-organization Invisible Children’s new short-film, titled KONY 2012, reached viral levels, spreading like wildfire on Facebook and ...

Wikipedia Blacked out on January 18th in Protest of SOPA | Image CC-BY-NA Wikimedia Foundation

SOPA and the Internet Blackouts

January 17, 2012

by Kevin Wong '12 When it was brought to the attention of the Reddit link-sharing community in mid-November, SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, drew immense criticism from al...

From Pinstripe to Pinwheel

From Pinstripe to Pinwheel

December 6, 2011

by Peter Melling '12 and Connor Abbott '14 Every baseball off-season, as the hot stove is heating up, teams will often announce simple tweaks or complete overhauls to their unif...

Clockwise: Protestors in Libya, Destroyed Loyalist Howitzer, President Gaddafi, Irish Protestors | Collage of Wikimedia Images

The Libyan Civil War

November 1, 2011

by Kevin Wong '12 The October 20th death of Muammar Qaddafi represents a major milestone for the grassroots Arab Spring movement and a major victory in the Libyan Civil War. T...

I AM THE 99% | By Kevin Wong '12

The Value of #OccupyWallStreet

October 14, 2011

by Kevin Wong '12 30 Days, 800 people arrested, their deplorable crime: wearing masks. In our time, power and influence oftentimes depends on wealth. Corporations are treated ...

Entrance to California's Great America | Great America

Top Amusement Parks

June 4, 2011

By Robeil Andebrahn '13 Amusement parks are a big attraction to many tourists and also to the people who live in those cities during summer vacation.  There are many amusemen...

Image of Royal Wedding Accessories

The Why of the Wedding

May 18, 2011

Article by Steven Wooley '11 Once upon a time, there lived a handsome prince who fell in love with a beautiful commoner.  He proposed to her and the two got married. Millions...

Prom Dos and Don'ts

Prom Dos and Don’ts

April 1, 2011

Article by Joey Jweinat '14 It is that time of year again, which all high school juniors and seniors wait for. Prom. It is the one time of year that high school girls and boys...

Going for Gold

Going for Gold

February 24, 2011

No, it’s not the Olympics - it’s the Oscars, and considering they follow a wide array of awards for the film industry (namely the SAGs, the Director’s Guild Awards, Gold...

Music comes in many forms and serves many purposes in different cultures. Discover what music can do for you.

Music Tips 1: The Basics

January 20, 2011

Article by: Connor Bottum '11 People often come to me seeking advice on how to broaden their musical tastes or find new songs in a genre they already love. While I cannot say...

School Dances: The pros and cons

October 13, 2010

Vlog: Our video reporters ask Stuart Hall's students about school dances . . ....

The Big Apple

The Big Apple

September 28, 2010

Apple has taken another step up on the charts as one of the biggest enterprises in the world. In June, the iPhone 4 was released, making it one of the most popular and highest-gross...