Weekly Gallery (April 3-5)

Eric Mai ’19 sprays lettuce and potato plants with a natural pesticide in the courtyard. Both Eric and religion teacher Ray O’Connor regularly care for the plants and use them for personal needs. The plants are watered with collected rainwater.
George Aaron ’19 does homework while he works at the front desk in the lobby. Students who work at the front desk answer the phone and open the front entrance to visitors. George likes working here because he can get homework done and get community service hours.
The Juniors gather in the Columbus Room before their retreat to the Point Bonita Light House. The two-day retreat will consist of community building exercises that build friendships and leadership.
Carson Fleece ’19 works on math homework in the Learning Commons. The Learning commons is being piloted as a place for quiet studying this week, so students wishing to collaborate should meet in the Columbus Room.
Maxi Tellini ’18 works on math homework in the Learning Commons. Maxi enjoys studying in the LC this week because it is quieter than it was before it began to be piloted as quiet study space.