Eaze has an effect on more than the market

Marijuana-delivery company has influence on teens.

There is an app for everything, in 2018, and in California that includes marijuana delivery.

Tech startup Eaze Solutions Inc. has been delivering medical marijuana to consumers since 2014, but with the legalization of pot in the state, Eaze has broken into the recreational market. The company believes the marijuana industry will expand rapidly and become a “very big market,” according to CEO Jim Patterson who spoke with TechCrunch.

Included in this very big market are those who are not of legal age, but have been able to obtain marijuana illegally through the Eaze app.

“If you successfully create an account then it is pretty easy,” a San Francisco high school student, who uses marijuana and asked to remain anonymous, said. “If you don’t, and you are relying on other people, it can be difficult sometimes.”

Eaze expects the recreational marijuana industry to include the sale of $1 billion of cannabis-related products by 2020.

Prior to California’s legalization of recreational marijuana, Eaze profited off the medical marijuana industry. Eaze offered – and still offers – a service known as EazeMD that issues consumers a medical marijuana license for $19. The process can be completed in a matter of minutes and requires only a picture of a driver’s license as proof of age and a short video call with an Eaze doctor.

Minors could have taken advantage of this process by photographing a fake ID, which can be hard to verify through a digital photograph, but today, minors only need to provide proof age – most likely requiring a fake ID – when the product is delivered to them.

“Purchasing [from Eaze] is super simple,” a second San Francisco high school student said. “It’s just like buying anything online, all you have to do is pick out what you want, add it to your cart and then order.”

Marijuana is still not easily accessible to minors. The price and challenges of creating an account can still make weed hard to get a hold of.

“Weed is really expensive, at least compared to alcohol,” the first student said. “It also depends on who you know. At my school, there are a lot of people who can get weed for you, but at other schools, it could be different.”