Club prepares for camping trip

Outdoors club going to Lake Berryessa this weekend

The Outdoors Club is preparing to leave for its first overnight trip to Lake Berryessa on May 4 for a weekend of camping on the lake and outdoor activities like fishing and swimming.

“The outdoors is a huge passion of mine,” club president Owen Murray said. “I founded the Outdoors Club to create a space where kids who share this same passion for nature can connect.”

Nik Chupkin | The Roundtable
The Outdoors Club’s first trip is to Lake Berryessa, the largest lake in Napa County. President Owen Murray has been planning the trip for two months.

Lake Berryessa is well known for its warm water which makes it ideal for watersports such as boating, swimming, and fishing, according to

“I joined the Outdoors Club because of the common interests in fishing and game conservation,” Denis Murphy said. “I also joined because of the brotherhood in outdoor activities.”

Murray says he hopes that with the help of the club members and faculty sponsor Jason Enevoldson they can make this trip annual.

“The skills you learn in the outdoors are never dated nor obsolete,” Enevoldson said. “Things like patience, persistence, the thrill of making the catch, reading the environment and trying something different will always help you in life.”

Enevoldson says he grew up in a town in Australia where fishing and surfing are “huge.” As a child, a local fishing legend taught him about how to read the beach, catch bait and make rigs.

“Because I had these formative experiences growing up, I have a passion to pass it to the younger generation,” Enevoldson said. “I am always willing to share my secrets.”

The Outdoors Club plans to meet at Lake Berryessa early Saturday morning so that they can spend a full day in and around the lake.

“I expect it will be a successful trip,” Murray said. “We are just going to enjoy nature, learn about the outdoors and have a good time with our brothers.”