The Roundtable

Junior Eamonn Kenny retains possession of the ball at Stuart Hall’s away game against the Urban School at Beach Chalet Soccer Fields on Jan. 16. Varsity ended the season 7-10-1, with players saying they hope to win at NCS.

Knights end season with 4-6 record

February 14, 2020

Even though Knights varsity soccer had a league record of 4-6, team members say they have been working hard to improve for the postseason. “We started off well in the season, bu...

Freshman named all-school winner in annual festival

By Sartaj Rajpal, Reporter

May 3, 2019

Toby Slater ’22 was named the All-School Winner for his poem “Nails” in the annual Poetry Festival on April 29. “I was really surprised when they announced that I won,” Slater said. “My teacher read my poem and suggested that I submit it because she enjoyed it. I think poetry is a great way to convey a message in a beautiful way.” The festival, which includes announcements of all-school...