Cross Country Looks to Keep Run of Dominance Going

Rigorous Training Hopes to Lead to a Successful Season


Genaro Covelli

Coach Buckley coaches senior runner, Julian Moreno ’16, at a meet last year.

By Ben Kaplan, Reporter/Photoshop Technician

The Stuart Hall and Convent cross country team is fired up and ready to start off the winning season. Julian Moreno ‘16 and Patrick Dilworth ‘17 are leading the team this season. Julian, one of the team leaders, is very fired up for the season which is apparent in his comment, “Booya.”

Cross country has been a great experience for me over the past two years and I’m looking forward to my third.

— Patrick Dillworth

Sadly, the team is not predicted to advance to state because the division is very competitive. The team is predicted to be “on the bubble” according to the Cross Country Express website. Coach Buckley has stepped up workouts a lot since last year and has increased the mileage, meaning the runners run more miles during practice. The team also has a few new coaches including: Mr. Wiers, Ms. Hall, Ms. Peterson, and Mr. Person-Rennell. These other coaches are very friendly and supportive of the athletes on the team. The addition of the new freshmen will definitely make a difference to the team. The team has many races scheduled for this year, including a Los Angeles race. The race in Los Angeles is televised and is a very tough race for all athletes. The team has practices every weekday including holidays. Every week during practice, miles are added so that runners gain miles as the weeks progress. Top runners run more than the beginning runners. All in all, the team and the coaches are very fired up for the new season.