Fantasy Football: Week 1

“Hayne Train” Coming to Town


Ben Kaplan

Photoshop: Ben Kaplan

By Sam Cormier, Reporter

Sam Cormier will be bringing fantasy football updates and advice, for the upcoming season, on a weekly basis. This is the first of many installments.

For those of us who are football fans, we live on the couch Thursday nights, all day Sunday, and Monday nights to watch football. We football fans, who want to show our ultimate passion for simulated warfare, play fantasy football to fill every non-football moment of the week. Many see fantasy football as just a silly game that nerds play, but they are oh so mistaken. Fantasy football is no game — it is a lifestyle.

My team is looking like it is ready for a championship run. With the number one fantasy quarterback and budding superstar of the NFL; I’m hoping that Andrew Luck will give me at least twenty fantasy points per week. My draft position was too low to get any sure fire superstars. I was able to get LeSean McCoy as my number one running back. LeSean “Shady” McCoy is known as the fastest starting running back in the NFL. Although, he is a fantasy risk because his small stature takes away from his goal line carries thus taking away fantasy points on touchdowns. For a starting wide receiver, I took a big risk on second year wide-out Michael Evans who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last year Evans, who measures in at an impressive 6’5” and 231, still has top of the line speed and was the second best rookie wide receiver in the NFL. However, this year he has the potential to be one of the best in the entire NFL with steady quarterback play from preseason, Rookie of the Year favorite, Jameis Winston.

My boldest choice of the season goes for the trade I made for 49ers rookie Jarryd Hayne who recently made the switch from the NRL to the NFL. I gave up promising Lions running back Ameer Abdullah to get Hayne, but I believe that the “Hayne Plane” will dominate the NFL in his rookie season. He may be third on the depth chart of running backs right now, but my bold prediction is that Hayne will be the offensive Rookie of the Year.

My team will be looking to win this league and if you want to keep up with the different iterations of my team name that will rhyme with Hayne every week and follow my team’s undefeated season, read my weekly column on the roundtable about how the “Hayne Plane” is doing weekly.