A Guest on Campus

Dr. Lisa Miller Visits Convent and Stuart Hall


Nick Watts

Dr. Lisa Miller sat down to discuss spirituality and science with journalism student from both schools.

By Owen Fahy, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday October 15th, the roundtable and The Broadview newspaper staffs sat down with Dr. Lisa Miller to discuss how science and spirituality connect with students in the school environment. Journalism students got the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics around spirituality that Dr. Miller explored in her book The Spiritual Child. She gave insight into how she uses statistics to reinforce her points and how she believes school environments can present the opportunity to cultivate each student’s inner spirituality. Dr. Miller feels that every child should be encouraged and aided to find their spirituality early so that they can “prosper” later in their lives.

The concept of the discovery of spirituality is not one that is foreign to students of The Hall. Students are given the opportunity to participate in moments of espacio, in theology classes, and days such as Values Day. Dr. Miller was very pleased to hear that students are given so many chances to discover their spirituality as she believes it is one of the most important things in the development of a child. Students at Stuart Hall are encouraged to just discover their own spirituality, instead of being pushed towards a particular religion or set of beliefs. This concept can be a life changing experience for students as they get to ask questions and truly understands what role spirituality plays in their lives.

I use statistics because they give people a way to understand how spirituality relates to them

— Dr. Lisa Miller

Dr. Miller is not the stereotypical “spiritual doctor.” She uses science to connect her studies on spirituality to reality. It is a very interesting perspective, as many people believe that spirituality is an intangible concept that cannot be quantified.  It is a very different way of evaluating spirituality and has helped the Hall and Heart community come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be spiritual.