A Day in the Life: an Introduction

KWONG_BLOG1Hey readers,

Welcome to the new roundtable blog, staffed by sophomores Kevin Wong and Diego Otero-Caldwell. We will be regularly updating this portion of the site with musings, observations and mediations on life at Stuart Hall High School. Content on this blog will be exclusive to the site, and will not be printed in editions of the roundtable. So bookmark this site, subscribe to our RSS feed, and check weekly for fresh and exciting content.

Stuart Hall, with its many different types of people, has a unique culture. This culture will be the focus of this blog, and each post will be crafted to address the interests of Stuart Hall’s students. Thus, we will be providing advice on moral issues that students face. We will document and explain the inside jokes of each class and give details on the lives and nuances of each minor social group at this school. A wide variety of media will also be reviewed for this blog; we will be publishing regular reviews for video games, movies and music artists. Of course, the blog format provides a much faster outlet for publishing school news. Service opportunities and events will be posted here for quick reference.

This isn’t the first blog I have authored. I have been maintaining my personal blog, titled My Back Pages: Question the Answers for three years now to heavy web-traffic. I also made an attempt to launch an independent gaming-news site, titled The Radical Reviewers, now on indefinite hold until I build a staff. I also enjoy writing commentary on life and politics. A highlight of my blogging career was an analysis on personal popularity and “nerdiness.”

I have been a gaming enthusiast ever since I played Ocarina of Time when I was four years old. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint a single favorite game for me, but as a fan of RPGs, action-adventures, and shooters, I hold Square-Enix, Rockstar, Nintendo, BioWare, Mikami, Kamiya, and Valve in high regard. I listen to a lot of classic rock, ska, folk, and 8-bit chiptunes, my favorite bands being The Rolling Stones, Streetlight Manifesto, Paul Simon, and Superpowerless.

I’m looking forward to launching this portion of the roundtable site and updating it regularly. Be sure to bookmark this page, share it on your Facebook wall, and return regularly for news, interviews, essays and reviews.