Morningstar First Floor awaits final approval

New space includes kitchen, auditorium

By Henry Murray, Social Media Editor

After 13 months of renovation, including several months of set-backs, the fully completed Morningstar First Floor, formerly known as the Columbus Room, is awaiting the final sign off from the city department of inspections before the community can finally use the space again shortly after returning to campus.
The renovation has drastically changed the previously open layout into a room with multiple facets and varying uses.
“There is now a fully functional commercial kitchen which is something the campus has never had before,” Geoff De Santis, Director of Physical Plant, said. “This will provide for SAGE to execute their full lunch experience to mirror what takes place on the Broadway Campus.”
In addition to a new eating space and cafeteria, students will have the opportunity to share projects and art in a larger space.
“The auditorium is equipped with state of the art audiovisual equipment for presentations, classes, webinars or fun,” De Santis said. “New seating has been installed which will create both a sense of community and ability for solo work to take place,” De Santis said.
For upperclassmen, The Columbus Room was a frequently-used space during the beginning of their high school careers but has been absent for over a year.
“I am truly excited to see how the Columbus Room has changed from the room we once knew as freshmen,” Student Body President Mattheus Tellini said. “It has been a while since we have been able to step foot into that space, and I am excited for the underclassmen to encounter it for the first time.”
De Santis says that the lunch program at the Pine-Octavia campus will be identical to the service at the Broadway campus with the addition of a full commercial kitchen
“The disconnect in lunch programming between the two campuses no longer exists which is great for the whole community,” De Santis said.
Those who experienced the old Columbus Room seem ready to embrace the new differences.
“Considering all of the funny and memorable moments we had in the Columbus Room, I think it’s definitely a little sad to see the old and original room go,” Tellini said, “but at the same time, it’s exciting for the community to get a new and improved space.”