Seniors resurrect old club

Surfers meet at local beaches to practice sport

By Henry Murray, Sports Editor

A group of seniors took it upon themselves to resurrect Surf Club two years after it first appeared in the official club listings, with members reuniting at a local beach in late September for their first meeting.

“I truly love surfing because it’s a sport where you can enjoy being outside in a different environment,” club founder Zach Rodriguez said. “It is a challenging sport that takes a lot of skill and practice, which makes it so addicting.”

Strength and conditioning coach Barclay Spring, who is Surf Club’s faculty moderator, is a long-time surfer with lots of experience in the sport.

“We love having Coach Barclay be our teacher representative,” club outings supervisor Chase Mack said. “He has been surfing far longer than all of us, so it’s great to have his wisdom.”

Creating an atmosphere of brotherhood through a sport outside of school is important to us.

— Zach Rodriguez

The club organizes informal group outings and creates a place where fellow surfers can meet on the water, and where new members with little or no experience can learn from their peers.

“After staring at a computer for five hours, it is really refreshing to be outside and experience the power of the ocean,” Jake Falconer said.

As more students feel inclined to participate in outdoor activities, Surf Club leaders say they hope to create an alternate outlet for their peers.

“We want people who don’t know how to surf to learn the sport and possibly discover a new passion like we once did,” Rodriguez said. “Creating an atmosphere of brotherhood through a sport outside of school is important to us.”