New club growing on campus

By Seth Sarkar, Senior Reporter

Everything’s coming up roses at Stuart Hall, especially for a new club that is planting the seeds of change around campus. The Gardening Club emerged as one of the most popular new clubs on campus during the club fair held on August 31, 2022. 

“My group started this club in order to improve the greenery on our campuses, with special consideration to Pine/Octavia,” senior and club leader Johnny Perkins said. “We noticed a general lack of plants on campus, so we wanted to fix that.”

The gardening club’s ambitions extend beyond planting greenery to building a new living wall on campus, which is a vertical structure intentionally covered by vegetation.

“We are looking into various spaces, and are actively speaking to many staff members about where a living wall could be grown,” Perkins said. “A living wall promotes urban biodiversity and creates a peaceful space on school grounds.”

Club leaders have already spoken to Dr. Krejcarek and have received funding for this project, according to Perkins. However, the living wall is not the only goal the club has in mind. 

“Another aspect of the club is to be inclusive of all divisions, and all members of the community. We recently did  a project that involved planting plants with first graders,” Perkins said. “We also want to help our facilities staff on projects of their own, because they already put so much effort into making our spaces clean and maintained.”

As a new addition on campus, the Gardening Club is always looking for new members. Prospective members can email Johnny Perkins at for more information.