Author to speak at school

By Nicholas McCormack, Reporter

On November 16th, Convent and Stuart Hall students will engage in conversation with award-winning author Jason Reynolds regarding  his latest book, “A Long Way Down.”

A Long Way Down tells the story of  a teenager tormented by his brother’s death, and how he must cope with the thought of getting revenge. This book touched on many themes including trauma, friendship, loyalty and coming-of-age. 

“Jason Reynolds’s unique writing style sheds light on those who have had any form of oppression in their past,” said sophomore Mateo DeLa’O. 

Reynolds is a highlight of Convent and Stuart Hall’s Cor Unum week, which will take place during the month of March. This is a week that is integral to our Sacred Heart community, and is dedicated as a time for communication and the celebration of human differences.

“He’s particularly amazing because he writes about our time’s issues,” said Library Department Chair Alyson Barrett. “He shares various perspectives and literary crafts relevant to our society.”

Jason Reynolds is the recipient of an Edgar Award for “A Long Way Down,” and an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work for “As Brave As You.”